Episode 9

World Trip I (pt. 3) – Kiev & Moscow

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About this Episode

In tonight's episode of "Sleepless in Singapore," I share my adventures in Kiev and Moscow. The journey kicks off in Kiev, where our Airbnb host, Kolya, turns out to be a real-life elf guiding us to astonishing views of the city from a precarious rooftop. This unique introduction to Kiev, alongside a quirky dining experience at a restaurant called Pervak, sets the tone for an exploration filled with cultural surprises and delicious local cuisine.

The narrative then moves to Moscow, where the experience deepens. Here, making friends at the Kremlin Lights hostel, celebrating birthdays with new acquaintances, and getting a taste of local life beyond the tourist trails define our visit. Moscow stuns with its massive subway system and a military parade that's both awe-inspiring and a bit intimidating.

Episode Links

  • Pervak Restaurant, Kiev — A traditional Ukrainian restaurant in Kiev, known for its unique decor and traditional cuisine. The website provides menus, location, and the ability to make reservations.
  • @thebluecupcoffeeshop — A cafe in Kiev known for its breakfast offerings, including Eggs Benedict and pancakes.
  • Saint Sophia's Cathedral, Kiev — A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this cathedral is one of Kiev's best-known landmarks, featuring stunning architecture and historical significance.
  • Kiev Monastery of the Caves (Kyiv Pechersk Lavra) — A historic Orthodox Christian monastery in Kiev. The site offers information on tours, the history, and the significance of the monastery.
  • Old Bar, Kiev — A burger place in Kiev mentioned for its casual dining experience, though specifics were not provided.
  • Moscow Metro, Wikipedia — Official website for the Moscow Metro, providing maps, fare information, and history about one of the world's most elaborate and deeply constructed metro systems.
  • Kremlin Lights Hostel, Moscow — The legendary. Where we stayed in Moscow.
  • @ketchup_moscow — A burger place in Moscow, recommended for its good burgers and social atmosphere, where we celebrated a memorable birthday.