Episode 10

South East Asia 2023 (pt. 1)

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About this Episode

In this episode of "Sleepless in Singapore," I take you along the first leg of a journey from Singapore to Laos, venturing through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and almost touching the edge of Cambodia, before flying back home. This trip is a deep dive into some of the beauty of Southeast Asia, marked by the decision to travel light. After a hefty trip to Japan loaded with camera gear, Hatim and I opt for minimalism, packing just a small backpack each. This choice transforms our travel experience, allowing us to move freely and immerse ourselves fully in every moment, from sipping coffee in Malacca to exploring the Cameron Highlands.

The essence of this journey lies not just in the places we visit but in the experiences we gather along the way. From a stolen but recovered GoPro to the simplicity of traveling with just a few essentials, the trip is a collection of small adventures that weave into a rich tapestry of memories. Each destination, from the hustle of Georgetown to the tranquility of Koh Tao, offers its own unique flavor.

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