Episode 15

World Trip I (pt. 7) – Japan

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About this Episode

In this episode of "Sleepless in Singapore," I recount the transition from Korea to Japan, starting with a curious encounter with a kimchi pastry in Busan. This prelude to our travels led us to a ferry ride to Fukuoka, where Japan presented itself not with the anticipated high-tech spectacle but with serene, orderly streets and an unexpectedly quiet ambiance.

Settling into our modest accommodations, we dove into the local cuisine with a bowl of hearty ramen and marveled at the advanced features of Japanese toilets. The culinary journey peaked with our first taste of Kobe beef, an experience marked by its subtle, buttery texture and rich flavors, highlighting the unique culinary heritage of Japan and setting the tone for a trip filled with surprising discoveries and quiet reflections.

Episode Links

  • Beetle Ferry Service — Official site for the Beetle ferry that operates between Busan, South Korea and Fukuoka, Japan, providing schedules, ticket information, and booking options.
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum — Official website for the museum in Hiroshima dedicated to documenting the atomic bomb's impact on the city and promoting peace and nuclear disarmament.
  • Koyasan Shukubo Association — Provides comprehensive travel information about Koyasan, Japan, focusing on its spiritual significance, accommodations in monasteries, and cultural experiences.
  • Japan Rail Pass — Official site to purchase the Japan Rail Pass for tourists, which offers unlimited travel on Japan Rail national trains for a fixed period.
  • Asahi Breweries — Explore the range of beers offered by Asahi, one of Japan's leading beer brands mentioned for pairing with meals in the podcast.
  • Tsukiji Outer Market — Information site for the famous market in Tokyo, which although changed from its original form, still offers a variety of fresh seafood and produce.
  • Akihabara Maid Cafes Guide — Portal to maid cafes in Akihabara, Tokyo, where staff dressed in maid costumes serve guests in a unique, themed environment.