Episode 6

Kenya (pt. 2)


February 25th, 2024

47 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of "Sleepless in Singapore," I delve back into my Kenya trip with a story about our safari adventure. The day kicks off with a bit of drama at the hotel over unsettled bills, before we rush to catch our train. The train station surprises us with its airport-like security checks, where a small company-branded Hanso pocket knife in my luggage causes some trouble. Thanks to Hatim's quick thinking and a small "token of friendship" to the security, we're on our way – pondering over how big the "tokens of friendship" would have to be for more serious contraband.

Our safari journey is the real highlight, starting with a warm welcome by Maasai warriors and a ride in open-top Land Cruisers that sets the tone for an unforgettable experience. The campsite is luxurious, blending comfort with the raw beauty of the savannah. From cold eucalyptus-scented towels to gourmet meals under the stars, every detail is a treat. The wildlife encounters, serene landscapes, and moments of camaraderie with friends make this safari an absolute dream. It's a tale of adventure, unexpected comforts, and the sheer joy of discovering Kenya's natural wonders.

The story rounds off with our last day spent in Dubai, a stark contrast of city life to the savannah's tranquility.

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