Episode 14

World Trip I (pt. 6) – Korea

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About this Episode

In tonight’s episode of "Sleepless in Singapore," I reminisce about when my brother Philipp and I unexpectedly ventured into South Korea seven years ago. Originally aiming for China, visa complications rerouted us to Seoul, a city that took us by surprise with its modern vibe and technological advancements. This unplanned detour turned into a deep dive into Korean culture—sampling spicy local dishes, navigating Seoul's efficient public transport, and experiencing the DMZ's tense atmosphere.

Our journey through Korea was marked by spontaneous decisions and new friendships, like meeting Frederick, a globe-trotting courier with an intriguing story. Each unexpected twist in Seoul—from our struggles with spicy octopus to insightful tours at the DMZ—revealed the essence of travel: the joy found in unforeseen adventures and the profound connections made along the way.

Episode Links

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  • Kakao Maps — A popular local mapping service in South Korea, offering detailed maps and navigation services, optimized for local users.
  • Brooklyn Pig Burger Cafe — Brooklyn Pig Burger Cafe in Seoul, a popular spot known for its American-style burgers.
  • DMZ Tours — Official booking site for tours to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between South and North Korea, offering various tour options and educational resources.
  • Haeundae Sand Festival — Haeundae Sand Festival in Busan, a popular event featuring sand sculptures and beach activities.