Episode 18

World Trip I (pt. 9) – Philippines

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About this Episode

In this episode of "Sleepless in Singapore," I find myself embarking on a new chapter of my journey, this time in the vibrant Philippines—alone for the first time in weeks after parting ways with Philipp. As I navigate the bustling streets of Manila and settle into the luxurious Shangri-La, the solitude feels strange yet liberating. The city's chaotic charm quickly becomes evident through a series of misunderstandings with an Uber driver and an unexpected encounter at the hotel, setting the tone for my solo adventure.

As I adjust to being alone, my travels take me to the serene surroundings of El Nido. Opting for a secluded Airbnb in the jungle, I embrace the quiet, finding peace in the simplicity of my surroundings despite the initial boredom. Learning to ride a scooter becomes a thrilling necessity, opening up new vistas of lush landscapes and local life. Adventures to local waterfalls and beaches interspersed with moments of reflection and unexpected social interactions enrich my experience, marking a significant, introspective phase of my travels.

Episode Links

  • Makati Shangri-La, Manila — A luxury hotel located in the business district of Manila, offering upscale rooms and a variety of amenities including a renowned breakfast buffet.
  • El Nido Tourism — Official tourism site for El Nido, Palawan, providing information on activities, accommodations, and attractions in the area known for its stunning beaches and natural beauty.
  • El Nido Tours A, B, C — Information about boat tours and Helicopter Island, a popular destination for boat tours in El Nido known for its unique shape and pristine beaches.
  • Plaza de Roma — Historical plaza located in Intramuros, Manila, surrounded by significant landmarks and featuring a statue of King Carlos IV of Spain.
  • Balut — Information about Balut, a traditional Filipino street food that is a fertilized duck egg with a developing embryo inside, considered a delicacy.
  • Red Horse Beer — Information about Red Horse Beer, a popular strong beer in the Philippines known for its high alcohol content and distinct taste.